What is a Transactional Survey?

A Transactional Survey is a survey designed to collect customer opinions about a specific customer experience. For example, a survey after a call to customer service, a survey about a purchase, a survey about a flight on an airline, or a survey about a visit to a website. Transactional surveys are probably the most common type of customer survey today.

Transactional surveys will usually include questions about different parts of the experience, as well as at least one question about the experience overall. It's common to also include a question about the customer's overall relationship with the company (such as the Net Promoter question), but it's important to keep in mind that customers' responses will be biased by their recent experience.

Transactional surveys are best used to coach employees, track overall service levels, and identify customers who may need additional attention (this is part of a Closed Loop or Service Recovery process).

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