How Long Should an Online Survey Be?

As a rule, all surveys should be as short as possible and still achieve the main objectives of the survey. Longer surveys tend to get fewer responses and have more skipped questions. Customers are especially likely to skip open-ended questions where they're asked to write a response, but those questions tend to provide the most valuable insights.

We recommend trying to limit an online survey to something which can be displayed on a single screen of the typical customer's web browser or device. When the customer can see the entire survey at once, they have more confidence that they can finish it quickly rather than having to answer screen after screen of questions with no obvious end in sight.

But keeping a survey this short can be very hard! Especially if you expect customers to answer the survey on their phones, you might have room for only a couple questions. Nevertheless, we think it's worth the effort to strictly prioritize what's important on your survey in order to keep it as short as possible.

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