Vocal Laboratories Inc. Privacy Policy


Vocal Laboratories Inc. conducts customer surveys, both on behalf of client companies and for general research purposes. In order to conduct these surveys, we collect data about individuals. This policy describes the data we collect, how we use it, and who has access to it. This policy specifically applies to data we collect on behalf of a client company. For data we collect for general research purposes, please see the National Customer Service Survey Privacy Policy.

Many of our clients have their own Privacy Policies which may also apply to the data we collect, and many of our clients require that we follow their Privacy Policies. Where an individual's data might be covered by both our Privacy Policy and the Privacy Policy of a client, we follow the most restrictive applicable Privacy Policy.

Data We Collect

Our clients supply us with data about people who may be asked to participate in a survey. This data includes personally identifying information, and may include:

  • A phone number to call for the survey
  • An email address to send a survey invitation to
  • The customer's name
  • Data about a specific interaction the customer had with our client company (examples include: the date and time of a call to customer service, details of a recent purchase, the name of the employee the customer spoke to, an audio recording of a customer service call, and other similar data).

When we contact a customer for a survey, we collect additional data including:

  • When we contacted the customer
  • Whether the email to a customer was undeliverable
  • Whether the customer was available when we called
  • If the customer completes a survey, responses to all survey questions and (for phone interviews) a recording of the interview

Data We Do Not Collect

We make an effort to avoid collecting particularly sensitive data. In particular, we will not accept data from our clients which includes:

  • Social Security numbers
  • Credit card numbers
  • Bank account numbers
  • Medical records

How We Use the Data We Collect

Vocalabs uses data we collect in the following ways:

  1. To contact people selected to participate in the survey, in order to ask survey questions. We may make more than one attempt to reach someone.
  2. To ensure that the same person is not selected to participate more than once in a given time period.
  3. To monitor the performance of Vocalabs' internal processes, including Quality Assurance reviews of interviewers.
  4. To provide survey reports and data to our clients
  5. To facilitate our clients' efforts to make effective use of survey data

Data collected as part of any survey is not used by Vocalabs for marketing or sales to individual survey participants, nor is any data provided to third parties for purposes of marketing or sales to individual survey participants.

How We Distribute the Data We Collect

Data Provided to Our Clients
Our contracts with our clients generally specify that survey data we collect is the property of our client. Once the survey is complete, Vocalabs has no control over how the survey data is used; however, many of our clients have their own Privacy Policies which may cover customer surveys.

Data Provided to the General Public

Vocalabs may use data collected in surveys to construct benchmarks across multiple companies. These benchmarks aggregate data across many customers and many clients, and no data about individual survey participants is released.

Personal Data Provided to Third Parties

Vocalabs does not transfer personal data to third parties unless required by court order or legal process. GDPR provisions regarding our liability for the actions of third party processors do not apply.

For More Information

We're happy to answer questions about our services. Please contact us at help@vocalabs.com (for general questions) or sales@vocalabs.com (for sales inquiries).