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Managers only see and hear a small percentage of employee behavior; and even then, it’s just from one perspective. Vocalabs allows managers to hear directly from the mouths of customers. Our in-the-moment customer interview recordings are a powerful and practical coaching tool to help employees improve performance and enhance the customer experience.

We provide managers with voice recordings of real employee interactions with customers moments after a transaction. Nobody cannot argue with real life. These recordings help employees walk in the customers’ shoes and better understand how to improve the customer experience they provide. The best employees make changes all on their own.

Employees that need more coaching will gain feedback from managers that is real, credible and well supported. Vocalabs customer feedback recordings help managers become much more effective. Contact us to explore ways Vocalabs can improve the way manager coach front line employees.

“Calabrio has been working with Vocalabs for four years to collect real-time customer feedback immediately after a ticket is closed in our customer support center. They helped us move from an online survey with a low response to conducting live phone interviews within a few minutes of when the technician closes a customer’s case. This gives us immediate insight into customers’ perceptions of the support experience, allows us to close the loop with dissatisfied customers, and the audio recording of the interview makes a powerful training tool.”

Tim Kraskey, Sr. Vice President
Support Operations


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