How You Benefit

Vocalabs' best practices deliver direct benefits to your organization

Share Feedback Across the Organization

To be useful, data from customer satisfaction surveys needs to go to the right people at the right time. Throughout the organization, different people have different needs for feedback data. At Vocalabs, we can help you determine who should receive which reports and when, and put in place the right mechanisms to deliver feedback throughout your organization in a way that's timely and relevant to each recipient.

We're not believers in one-report-fits-all solutions. Executives, front-line managers, customer experience professionals, and operational staff each have their own requirements. We provide customized reporting for each role, and give individual employees the tools to customize their own report and share findings.

We enable everyone to have the information they need, when they need it. To learn more about your options, reach out to arrange a phone call with a Vocalabs expert.

Our Work in Action: Case Studies

B2C Case Study

Learn how Cellular South used Vocalabs to improve customer satisfaction, improve first call resolution, and do a better job coaching employees in both retail stores and the contact center.

B2B Case Study

Learn how a major manufacturer of healthcare products used Vocalabs to improve its support processes, drive high-level business strategy, and get the most from support teams.