How You Benefit

Vocalabs' best practices deliver direct benefits to your organization

Respond Immediately to Unhappy Customers

In the age of social media, unhappy customers spread bad news fast. To help you manage and resolve customer problems, Vocalabs' phone interviewers can flag a customer survey for immediate action. Email alerts are immediately sent to your team including the full audio recording of the customer interview.

Handled well, these situations can become moments of truth and opportunities for change. We help you put in place the processes to solve customer problems, before they become marketing problems. Dissatisfied customers get your immediate attention so you can follow-up, come to resolution, find the root cause and ensure that customers who need help will get it.

Reach out to see how we can help you stay on top of service recovery.

Our Work in Action: Case Studies

B2C Case Study

Learn how Cellular South used Vocalabs to improve customer satisfaction, improve first call resolution, and do a better job coaching employees in both retail stores and the contact center.

B2B Case Study

Learn how a major manufacturer of healthcare products used Vocalabs to improve its support processes, drive high-level business strategy, and get the most from support teams.