What We Do

Vocalabs provides best-in-class services for transactional customer feedback

Send Real-Time Alerts to Improve Customer Experience

Brands have many moments of truth, when you can turn a new customer into a vocal fan, or a mad customer into a happy customer. Or you can leave a dissatisfied customer with a brand deflating story to share.

Based on your business rules, we send instant alerts to front line service representatives, managers and executives when a customer satisfaction survey needs immediate attention. For phone surveys we include audio recordings of the phone interviews.

We will work with you to create closed-loop processes to ensure all customers are contacted when required and that their issues are resolved. The result: happier customers — and the ability to quickly identify and fix the root causes of ongoing problems. We’d be happy to walk you through our process.

Our Work in Action: Case Studies

B2C Case Study

Learn how Cellular South used Vocalabs to improve customer satisfaction, improve first call resolution, and do a better job coaching employees in both retail stores and the contact center.

B2B Case Study

Learn how a major manufacturer of healthcare products used Vocalabs to improve its support processes, drive high-level business strategy, and get the most from support teams.