“We have been using Vocalabs for the past couple of years to administer our Voice of the Customer programs for our three lines of business, using both live telephone interviews and online surveys.  Vocalabs has been a great partner as they have taken the time to understand our businesses and helped us to improve our VOC programs to gather better data from our customers.  Peter, David, Rob and Dan are knowledgeable, experienced and work with the highest level of honesty and integrity.  They have always been there to answer our questions, help us make good decisions and recommend solutions.  I highly recommend them and any resource that they offer.”
Sylvia Cortez, Senior Marketing Research Analyst
Maintenance, Repair & Operations Industry

“Cellcom brought in Vocalabs 18 months ago to create a customer feedback program for our retail stores and customer care team. They took the time to understand how our business works and created a survey program that truly helps our managers and executives better understand how to improve the overall customer experience. I highly recommend Vocalabs to any company looking to bring best practices for ‘Voice of the Customer’ into their operations.”
Judy Maki, Director of Sales

Calabrio has been working with Vocalabs for four years to collect real-time customer feedback immediately after a ticket is closed in our customer support center. They helped us move from an online survey with a low response to conducting live phone interviews within a few minutes of when the technician closes a customer’s case. This gives us immediate insight into customers’ perceptions of the support experience, allows us to close the loop with dissatisfied customers, and the audio recording of the interview makes a powerful training tool.”
Tim Kraskey, Sr. Vice President Support Operations

"Vocalabs has always delivered great advice and reliable support, and has even happily gone the extra mile to ensure that we can capture, analyze and present survey-based data in a timely and meaningful way."
Rebecca Nowlin Green, Principal Business Consultant, Enterprise Division

"Cellular South switched to Vocalabs' Express Feedback for satisfaction surveys in our call center in order to get real-time feedback on the metrics most important to our business. The robust reports let us clearly determine how we can improve our customer service levels in specific areas and take action in a timely way."
Jeff Richardson, Director, Customer Advocacy
Cellular South