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Improve Customer Experience with A/B Tests

A/B testing is the most effective way to understand customer behavior and preferences for different customer experiences. At Vocalabs, we are experts at designing and executing A/B tests using live customer feedback.

By conducting a carefully designed experiment to test different customer experience options in a controlled environment using real customer interactions, A/B testing is the gold standard for understanding the cause-and-effect relationship between specific design choices and key business metrics like NPS scores, Customer Satisfaction, and Customer Effort.

We can design an A/B test from the ground up to help you understand whether a change to your customer experience will be preferred by your customers or not. Or, if you already use A/B testing, we can easily add an in-depth customer feedback component into your existing test plan with minimal effort and technical integration.

Let us help you make better decisions based on solid research.

Our Work in Action: Case Studies

B2C Case Study

Learn how Cellular South used Vocalabs to improve customer satisfaction, improve first call resolution, and do a better job coaching employees in both retail stores and the contact center.

B2B Case Study

Learn how a major manufacturer of healthcare products used Vocalabs to improve its support processes, drive high-level business strategy, and get the most from support teams.