Actionable Feedback for Your Whole Team


Executives are typically far removed from day-to-day operations and the customer experience. Hearing the actual voice of the customer, through recordings of interviews with real customers, grounds executives to the reality of the business. With this knowledge, executives can support the right methods for improving the customer experience.

Combining solid statistical survey data with customers' stories in their own words creates the organizational imperative and executive support for proactive change. Vocalabs extends the conversation by adding our research experience and expertise. We will tell you if you’re getting the straight story, or if your customer survey process is giving you misleading data. Contact us to explore new ways to provide actionable research to your executive team.

“Cellcom brought in Vocalabs 18 months ago to create a customer feedback program for our retail stores and customer care team. They took the time to understand how our business works and created a survey program that truly helps our managers and executives better understand how to improve the overall customer experience. I highly recommend Vocalabs to any company looking to bring best practices for ‘Voice of the Customer’ into their operations.”

Judy Maki, Director of Sales

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We can assess your current customer feedback program to understand your organization's needs and survey process maturity. This is a smart place to begin.
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