Our Story

I founded Vocalabs in 2001 based on my industry experience that few companies intend to provide bad customer experiences, but most lack the tools to understand the experience from the customer's perspective. Without that insight, decisions will inevitably be made without enough attention to customer satisfaction, loyalty, and other drivers of long-term growth.

At Vocalabs we build reliable, actionable, and credible customer feedback programs so our clients can make intelligent decisions about how to improve the customer experience. Let us show you the difference we can make in your customer organization.

Peter Leppik, Founder and CEO, Vocal Laboratories Inc.

Vocalabs follows the principles of Agile Customer Feedback to design feedback processes which are more effective, more respectful to the customer, and more relevant to the business needs on an ongoing basis than traditional customer surveys.

We have developed a number of innovative customer feedback capabilities, including immediate telephone interviews, hybrid survey processes using both automated and live feedback, real-time alerts for coaching and service recovery, full audio recordings of all interviews, and a set of easy-to-use reporting tools aimed at the business user not the statistician.

We take a collaborative problem-solving approach to working with our clients. We use our deep expertise in customer feedback to design a process tailored for the needs of each client, and provide full-service execution of the survey and reporting to allow our clients to focus on driving change in their organization rather than the mechanics of running a survey.

Vocalabs' clients include Fortune-1000 companies and mid-size enterprises in both B2B and B2C markets. Our scalable approach allows us to serve a wide range of client needs, from small one-time research projects to very large ongoing customer feedback programs.

What customer feedback challenges can we solve for you?