What is a Relationship Survey?

A Relationship Survey is designed to measure the overall strength of a customer's relationship with the company. Normally it is not tied to a specific purchase or other transaction, and Relationship Surveys are most common in companies which have an ongoing relationship with their customers, such as banks or mobile phone companies.

Normally, a company will randomly invite customers to respond to a Relationship Survey, but sometimes customers will be asked questions about their overall relationship as part of a Transactional Survey. This can give biased results because customers' responses can be influenced by the recent transaction.

Relationship Surveys are best used to track the health of a company's customer base, identify areas for improvement, and support strategic decision making. It can be a challenge to connect a customer's overall opinion of the company to a specific event or interaction, so Relationship Surveys tend to have limited value for employee coaching, service recovery, and other operational activities.

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