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Introducing VocaLabs' One Hour Assessment

By Jessica Ament

VocaLabs recently introduced its One Hour Assessment service. This new product provides a quick, cost-effective way to gather valuable insight into how well your call center or self-service system is functioning.

By gathering call recordings and survey results from dozens of callers in an hour, and providing the data in real time in our unique Interactive Drill-Down format, the One Hour Assessment makes it simple to go from "what happened" to "why."

A VocaLabs One Hour Assessment makes it simple to go from What happened? to Why?


A One Hour Assessment can evaluate live agents, automated self-service, or any combination of the two. Assessments can be conducted on early prototypes as well as fully deployed systems. It is used to evaluate changes to a customer service operation, compare different versions of prototypes, monitor ongoing quality, or as a tool for designing better Voice User Interfaces.

As with traditional VocaLabs studies, we take care of everything for you, from writing the survey questions to finding study participants and providing the archived results. No hardware or software is required.

The One Hour Assessment Process

The first step is to schedule a short conference call with a VocaLabs professional study designer and your team.

We'll want to know more about your call center or self-service system, and what you hope to learn from the One Hour Assessment.

The study designer will then create a prototype of the participant instructions and survey for your approval.

Just before launching the One Hour Assessment, VocaLabs' Quality Assurance team will perform a "walkthrough" of the study, pretending to be a participant and going through the entire study from start to finish. This is to ensure that the process will go smoothly for callers. We encourage you to do a walkthrough of your own, so you can understand how our process works from the caller's perspective.

After the walkthroughs are complete, we can begin at any time. For a One Hour Assessment, we guarantee a minimum of 30 different people will finish the study during the hour; for a Two Hour Assessment, we guarantee at least 60 completions.

During the study, you will be able to view data through a secure web page, including complete survey answers, participant demographics, and call recordings. The data will be updated every few minutes, giving you access to results as they come in.

After the study is complete, we will provide context for your results, and help you understand how to get the most out of your study.

Choose The Right Path For You

For VocaLabs clients who have subscribed to VocaLabs Professional, One Hour Assessments can be performed on an a la carte basis, based on the actual number of participants. Study design services can also be purchased from VocaLabs.

For other clients, we offer the One Hour Assessment in two fixed-price packages which include all design, setup, and study costs.

The package includes professional study design, setup and archive of the results, realtime data access, a minimum of 30 responses (60 responses guaranteed for a Two Hour Assessment), all call recordings, complete survey results, and all data on CD-ROM.

For a One Hour Assessment, the total value of the package is $5,600. When purchased as a package, the price is $2,495.

For a Two Hour Assessment, the total value of the package is $8,200. When purchased as a package, the price is $3,495.

For more information, or to start your One Hour Assessment, contact sales@vocalabs.com, or go to www.vocalabs.com/oha.html.

SectorPulse Report Shows T-Mobile Ahead of Verizon in Customer Service

By Jessica Ament

In VocaLabs' SectorPulse report covering the mobile phone industry during the April 2004-June 2004 quarter, newcomer T-Mobile bested two-time winner Verizon.

T-Mobile's customer service bested Verizon in Caller Satisfaction, and tied in Call Completion


T-Mobile achieved an "A" in Caller Satisfaction, and a "B" in Call Completion; while Verizon slipped to a "B" in both Caller Satisfaction and Call Completion.

Other mobile phone carriers included in this study were:

* Cingular received a "C" in Caller Satisfaction and a "B" in Call Completion.
* AT&T Wireless received a "D" in Caller Satisfaction and a "C" in Call Completion.
* Sprint PCS received a "D" in both Caller Satisfaction and Call Completion.

Common problem areas reported across companies included difficulty in connecting to an agent, long hold times, and automated systems which were difficult to navigate.

VocaLabs To Determine Usability Award at The SpeechTEK Challenge

By Jessica Ament

At this year's SpeechTEK Challenge, the winner of the "Usability" awards will be based on a set of VocaLabs studies. Nine teams from different companies will have seven hours to implement a speech recognition application from scratch. After the applications are completed, VocaLabs will evaluate each one with 500 different callers for performance and overall usability.

On Wednesday September 15th at 2:30 PM, we will discuss the measurement and performance of the challengers and what standard benchmarks used in measuring usability and customer satisfaction. At that time, we will also present the results of our studies.

In addition, on Wednesday September 15th at 10 AM, Peter U. Leppik, CEO of VocaLabs will be speaking on benchmarking speech applications.

Please swing by our booth, #611, where you will be able to learn more about our One Hour Assessment, and get a hands-on demonstration of our unique capabilities.

CEO of VocaLabs Receives Innovator Of The Year Award

By Jessica Ament

Peter U. Leppik, CEO and co-founder of VocaLabs, has received the "Innovator of the Year" award from Finance and Commerce. Finance and Commerce is a century-old daily business newspaper covering the Twin Cities, and each year it presents awards individuals who have created innovative products or services that have succeeded in the marketplace or that show early promise.

The 2004 winners were honored at a luncheon on Wednesday, Aug. 25, at the Le Meridien Hotel in downtown Minneapolis.

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