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National Customer Service Survey Midyear Update

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We released a 2013 Midyear Update for the National Customer Service Survey report on Communications Services.

This is the report which we used to call "Mobile Phones," but beginning this year we are collecting data on customer service at other consumer communications services companies, like landline phones, cable/satellite TV, and high speed Internet service.

We don't yet have enough data to provide full statistics on the new companies, but we have included a "sneak peek" at some of our early results. We published some top-level statistics on Comcast and DirecTV, comparing their performance in our survey sample so far to the four companies we have been tracking for several years now. These results are very preliminary and have a large margin of error, but we think they're interesting nevertheless.

NCSS Communications subscribers have complete access to all our data, including data on Comcast, DirecTV, and several other companies we have started tracking but have not yet published results for. The executive summary, with high-level statistics and summary data, is available to non-subscribers through our website.


We also published a midyear update for the National Customer Service Survey on Banking customer service. The Executive Summary is available from our website (along with lots of other research).

In addition to updating the key metrics for Bank of America, Chase, Citi, and Wells Fargo; we also took a closer look at two common issues in customer service: having to be transferred to a different agent, and spending too much time on hold.

In the first half of 2013, we find that Chase and Citi continue to gain some ground on Bank of America and (to a lesser extent) Wells Fargo. This is happening because while Chase and Citi have been steadily improving on key metrics, the other two companies have not improved as much. As a result, what was a significant gap in 2011 has become very close to tied in many of the numbers we track.

As with the Communications report, NCSS Banking subscribers have full access to all the raw survey data. Our executive summary is available to the public with high level summary statistics and tracking for key metrics.

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