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National Customer Service Survey 2014 Results

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NCSS Results for Communications Services

Vocalabs has released an Executive Summary for the National Customer Service Survey on communications services companies, tracking customer service performance at AT&T, CenturyLink, Comcast, DirecTV, Dish Network, Sprint, T-Mobile, Time Warner Cable, and Verizon through December 2014. This report includes key metrics across all nine companies for 2014, and trends for selected metrics since 2011, based on over 12,000 telephone interviews conducted between July 2009 and December 2014. An executive summary is available for download.

This unique independent research is underwritten and conducted by Vocalabs on an ongoing basis to benchmark industry trends in phone-based customer service. We perform in-depth interviews with customers of each company immediately after a customer service call. High-level business metrics are correlated to specific events during the customer service call, allowing us to directly measure the drivers of customer satisfaction and loyalty.

In 2014 we found that in five of our nine key metrics, either Comcast or Time Warner Cable had the lowest score among the nine companies in our survey. In two of our metrics, Comcast and Time Warner together occupied both of the lowest two slots. Given the pending merger between the two companies, and the fact that large mergers can create a lot of organizational distraction, our survey results are not optimistic for customers of the two companies. Nevertheless, our 2014 survey does show a degree of improvement for Comcast, given that in 2013 the company had the lowest score on our survey in eight of the nine metrics.

At the other end of our rankings, AT&T generally had the best scores for business-related metrics including overall customer satisfaction and willingness to recommend. T-Mobile, meanwhile, led the pack for measures related to the customer service experience like call satisfaction and the ease of reaching a person on the call.

We provide the Executive Summary of our survey results to the public at no charge, and offer paid subscribers real-time access to detailed survey data as we collect it throughout the year. For more information about subscribing to the National Customer Service Survey, please contact us at inquiry@vocalabs.com.

NCSS Results for Banking

Vocalabs has also released a report for the National Customer Service Survey on banking customer service, tracking customer service performance at Bank of America, Chase, Citi, and Wells Fargo on an annual basis through December 2014. An executive summary is available for download. Our Banking report is based on over 4,000 telephone interviews conducted between 2011 and December 2014.

Since 2011, Chase and Citi have been posting consistent year-over-year gains in many of our key customer service metrics, including call satisfaction, agent satisfaction, and call resolution rates. Meanwhile, Bank of America and Wells Fargo's metrics have been largely unchanged over that time. This has led Chase and Citi to take leadership positions in several metrics, where the companies had been laggards when we began this study in 2011.

As with our other NCSS reports, we provide the Executive Summary to the public, and offer more detailed and real-time access to paid subscribers. For more information about subscribing, please contact inquiry@vocalabs.com.

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