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Latest Results from National Customer Service Survey on Tech Support

We're pleased to share the latest results from our independent research on customer satisfaction with Tech Support. In our study, we found that Apple continues to lead Dell and HP in customer satisfaction with phone-based technical support, but HP made marked improvements since 2008.

In 1,157 telephone interviews immediately following a support call in 2009, 64% of Apple customers were “Very Satisfied” with the experience, compared to 45% of Dell customers and 47% of HP customers. Compared with 2008, HP customers in 2009 found it easier to reach an agent, experienced fewer problems with the automated portion of the call, and felt like they were made to go through fewer repetitive steps. These changes led to a 9 percentage point year over year improvement in customer satisfaction with the agent at HP, and a whopping 17 percentage point improvement in customer satisfaction with the automated portion of the call. HP nearly tied Apple in this metric, with 39% of HP customers reporting they were “Very Satisfied” with the automated portion of the call, compared to 42% of Apple customers.

As in the last report, we found Customer satisfaction with computer technical support calls has a significant impact on loyalty and likelihood to recommend. Customers who said they were “Very Satisfied” with the call were 3.2 times more likely to say they would repurchase again than customers who were dissatisfied with the call, and 3.3 times more likely to say they would recommend the company to a friend or colleague. Of the call factors measured, issue resolution has the greatest impact on technical support call satisfaction. Eighty-six percent of customers who said their issue was resolved on the call said they were very satisfied with the call, compared to 12% of customers who said their issue was not resolved on the call.

Download a copy of the Executive Summary for more details.

The research is based on findings from The National Customer Service Survey (NCSS), which is sponsored and unwritten by Vocalabs to track customer service trends across industry verticals. Our initial release of the NCSS Mobile Phone study is planned for March 2010; this will compare customer service quality at AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile and Verizon.

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