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Customer Case Study: Cellular South

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As an innovative player in a highly competitive market, Cellular South views the customer experience as a critical strategic differentiator. The nation’s largest privately-held wireless provider, Cellular South’s vision and core values are tied to delivering the best service in their region. Company management recognizes this as a challenging – but measureable – goal. To help meet this goal, Cellular South instituted Vocalabs’ real-time customer feedback service to gather high quality feedback from customers and measure the quality of its service. Real-time customer feedback is tightly integrated into Cellular South’s daily business operations to drive accountability and continuous improvements in service and satisfaction.

The results have been impressive. In the past year, Cellular South has seen a four percentage point improvement in customer satisfaction with call center interactions and retail store visits. During the same time period, the company has measured a five percentage point improvement in first call resolution in its primary call center, resulting in significant cost savings through reduced call volumes and business efficiencies.

Business Challenges
In the past, Cellular South utilized mail and interactive voice response (IVR) surveys to collect customer feedback about performance in their customer service and technical support contact center. Cellular South found both methodologies suffered from limitations including lag time, cost, and poor response rates. In addition, the survey tools did not provide timely, accurate and actionable data for service improvement and agent training.

Solution: Vocalabs Real-Time Customer Experience Measurement
After an initial pilot program, Cellular South implemented Vocalabs’ immediate live agent telephone survey service to replace the mail and IVR surveys. After success in the call center, Cellular South elected to expand the survey program to include retail store visits.

Cellular South customers are contacted by a live survey administrator shortly after an interaction with the company, such as a support call or retail store visit. The immediacy of the survey call has several benefits, including high survey response rates and rich data, as customers provide feedback while the memory of the experience is still fresh.

Survey results and call recordings are delivered to Cellular South in real-time via Vocalabs’ interactive reporting and analysis tools. Cellular South managers review customer feedback throughout the day to track performance, coach and train agents, and discover ways to systematically improve customer satisfaction. In addition, Cellular South supervisors receive real-time e-mail alerts so they can follow up immediately with dissatisfied customers.

Since instituting a continuous customer experience measurement program, Cellular South has realized impressive improvements in service quality and customer satisfaction:

  • In the past year, Cellular South has seen a four percentage point overall improvement in customers’ satisfaction with both call center calls and retail store visits.
  • Twice as many retail stores now meet Cellular South’s satisfaction targets as compared to when Cellular South first started using Vocalabs to survey its retail customers.
  • In the company’s primary contact center, first-call resolution rates (the percentage of customers whose problems are resolved on the first call) have improved by five percentage points. First call resolution is a critical customer service metric for Cellular South, as it is a leading driver of overall customer satisfaction.

Benefits of Real-Time Customer Feedback
Cellular South managers cite real-time customer feedback as the key enabler in measuring and improving customer service levels. Retail store and call center managers review customer satisfaction performance by agent on a daily (and, in some cases, hourly) basis, giving them the ability to conduct effective root-cause analysis and provide coaching immediately. Managers employ effective consultative coaching strategies by listening to survey recordings with agents. Hearing the voice of the customer diffuses defensiveness. Agents are more receptive to feedback and take on personal accountability for improvements.

For Cellular South, real-time feedback is a win-win-win: more effective managers, more productive employees, more satisfied customers.

Cellular South will be presenting their case study at the ICMI's Annual Call Center Expo (ACCE) in New Orleans, June 14-17. See below for additional details on the conference.

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ICMI Annual Call Center Expo (ACCE), June 14-17, 2010, New Orleans, LA

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Cellular South/Vocalabs Case Study Presentation: Using Real-Time Customer Feedback to Improve Customer Service and Save Money (Session 402), June 16, 2010, 11:00am - 12:15pm

Austin Fisher, Manager Customer Contact Center, Cellular South
Bonnie Meadows, Customer Satisfaction Analyst, Cellular South
Jeff Richardson, Director, Customer Advocacy, Cellular South
Peter Leppik, President and CEO, Vocalabs

SpeechTEK 2010, August 2-4, 2010, New York, NY

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Conference Panel Discussion: Measuring the Customer Experience, Monday, August 2, 2010, 4:15pm – 5:00pm

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SpeechTEK Labs - Peter Leppik will be on hand to help judge this year’s SpeechTEK labs’ Analytics Lab, where companies will have the opportunity to evaluate various analytic tools in action.

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