The Customer Service Survey

Wrong on so many levels....

by Peter Leppik on Mon, 2010-09-20 16:44

Bank of America has apparently patented a way to prevent customers from getting refunds of overdraft fees by driving around to multiple branches until a sympathetic manager cuts them a break.

This is wrong in so many ways there's just no choice but to count them....

  1. Bank of America's process for issuing credits is apparently so disorganized that customers can just drive to different branches and keep trying over and over again.
  2. Bank of America apparently has so little capacity to track these requests that they need to create a special process just to make sure a denied refund stays denied.
  3. Bank of America apparently views this process as such a competitive advantage that they filed for a patent.
  4. The patent office didn't throw the application out as obvious.
  5. Nobody at Bank of America stopped to think, "What's it going to do to our marketing message when this becomes public and the headlines read, 'Bank of America Issued Patent on Not Refunding Fees'?"
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