The Customer Service Survey

We do not use...

by Peter Leppik on Mon, 2007-11-26 01:00

Frustrated by incessant telemarketing calls to their business (and believe me, I sympathize), a Danish company has come up with a unique approach to getting rid of the salespeople without being rude.
No matter what the telemarketer is selling, the response is always the same: "We do not use that product."

"Can I speak to the person responsible for buying toner cartidges?" "I'm sorry, we do not use toner cartridges."

"I'm calling about cleaning supplies." "I'm sorry, we do not use cleaning supplies."

"Who handles the lighting at your company?" "I'm sorry, we do not use any lighting." "Yes, well, I meant the illumination, like fluorescent lamps in the ceiling and so forth." "We have large skylights in the ceiling, and all the pc screens also give off lots of light."

It seems that most telemarketing scripts don't have a comeback for "we don't use any printer paper" or "we don't use any telephone services." So most of the time, the salesperson just apologizes and hangs up.

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