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by Peter Leppik on Thu, 2013-10-24 17:32

This probably does not actually need to be said, but I'll say it anyway: Don't spill coffee on your laptop.

That was what I did first thing Tuesday morning. I cleaned it up as best I could right away, and everything seemed OK.

But when I unplugged from the external keyboard and monitor I normally use at my desk, I found that my laptop's keyboard was completely messed up. Some keys didn't work, the shift key was stuck on, and the top two rows would push two buttons at once. So trying to type lower-case "t" would give %T if it yielded anything at all.

I figured I would give it a day to dry out, and use my external keyboard in the meanwhile. But this morning, when it had not improved, it was time to take it in.

That, and, since the shift key was stuck on, the only way it would reboot was in "Safe" mode. "Safe" as in "Safe from getting any actual work done."

So I dutifully hauled it to the Genius Bar where the Genius took it apart and confirmed that it did, in fact, have coffee in the keyboard. Repairs will cost somewhere between $200 and $800, depending on whether just the keyboard needs to be replaced, or if they need to replace the entire main logic board. And at $800, I'm just getting a new laptop.

The rest of my day was spent mostly recovering files from backup onto an old spare laptop we have, so I have something to use while waiting for my repair or replacement, and handling what I can from my iPad.

All told, it has been a spectacularly unproductive day.

So don't spill coffee on your laptop.

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