The Customer Service Survey

Treating Customers as Human

by Peter Leppik on Thu, 2015-11-19 14:27

In a nice counterpoint to AT&T's "cease and desist" approach to customer suggestionsConsumerist has the aww-cute story of Delta's response to an 8-year-old's mailed suggestion. Rather than trot out the lawyers, Delta sent a friendly, personalized letter from an executive along with some Delta swag.

So instead of annoying a loyal customer and generating a slug of bad PR the way AT&T did, Delta gets some goodwill with a future customer and his entire family and just the sort of heartwarming spirit-of-Christmas story the media love to run this time of year.

All because Delta chose to respond to a customer's suggestion at a human level rather than as a legal threat to be promptly squashed.

I think the lesson is clear.

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