The Customer Service Survey

Sprint Goes from Worst to First

by Peter Leppik on Thu, 2011-01-27 17:24

A couple days ago we published the most recent data from the National Customer Service Survey on mobile phone companies.

We've been tracking the mobile phone industry since 2004, initially with our old SectorPulse product, and since late 2009 using NCSS. For that entire time, Sprint has been a customer service laggard in our surveys, but after a year of constant improvement in 2010 they have taken the lead among the four major carriers.

Verizon, meanwhile, has fallen from its historical leadership position in our customer service surveys to the bottom.

These changes are significant: the 11 point moves both Sprint and Verizon posted (from Q4 of 2009 to Q4 of 2010) are well outside our margin of error, and they are validated by similar changes in other key metrics like problem resolution and ease of reaching an agent.

This is helping Sprint's overall business, too: the customers we surveyed at Sprint have been more likely to say that they would subscribe again to Sprint, and they are also more likely to recommend Sprint to their friends.

So congratulations to Sprint: this shows that paying attention to customer service really can make a difference.

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