The Customer Service Survey

Respecting the Customer

by Peter Leppik on Fri, 2012-09-14 17:13

Customers are doing you a favor when they take the time to respond to a survey. Most customers are very willing to provide feedback, but only if they feel that the company is truly listening.

It's important that any customer survey communicate that the company respects the customer, appreciates the customer's input, and is genuinely listening to what the customer has to say. So why do so many surveys fail to do this?

Some examples:

Other than automated surveys, none of these problems has anything to do with the cost of the survey. Companies don't save money by creating long, broken surveys (just the opposite).

The core problem is that they're not paying enough attention to how the survey process looks from the customer's perspective. And from the customer's perspective, it often looks like the company doesn't respect the favor the customer is doing, doesn't really care about the feedback, and probably won't really pay attention.

Because if they company was actually paying attention, they wouldn't waste the customer's time with a confusing, impersonal, broken survey.

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