The Customer Service Survey

Pretty Good Practice: Listen to Interview Recordings

by Peter Leppik on Mon, 2012-05-21 14:13

As I like to tell our clients, "statistics prove, but stories persuade." We naturally respond more to one customer's story than to a dry statistical representation of the typical customer experience.

And who better to tell the customer's story than the customer herself?

That's why I recommend taking some time to listen to a few customer surveys. We make a full-length recording of every interview available to our clients, and this has proven a valuable way to understand what's going on behind the statistics and driving change.

Some of our clients use this as a regular training tool: every contact center agent or in-store salesperson listens to their own interviews to help understand why the customer was satisfied or dissatisfied. This helps foster empathy and a better understanding of what customers are looking for.

This is also a powerful way to present results to executives. In addition to the facts and figures, a short recording of the customer explaining what happened really drives the point home.

So make it a point to listen to a few of your customer interviews. I can guarantee you won't regret it.

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