The Customer Service Survey

End-of-Call Survey Backlash?

by Peter Leppik on Thu, 2007-07-12 01:00

Despite their recent popularity, I've always been deeply suspicious of end-of-call surveys. There are some companies which have good experiences with them, but they seem to be in the minority. More often, I hear from companies about the frustration they've had with the survey and the deeply flawed data they're getting.
The past few months I've noticed a definite uptick in prospective customers calling us who used to run these surveys but found the results so unreliable that they yanked the survey out before finding something else to replace it with.

I have to be cautious, since "data" is not the plural form of "anecdote," but it looks like there may be the early stages of a trend here. Many companies have now had their end-of-call surveys in place for a few years, long enough to understand the process and discover its flaws. Some early adopters of end-of-call surveys are starting to look for better alternatives.

Of course, if this really is a trend then it's tremendously helpful to VocaLabs, since our Express Feedback surveys have the timeliness of end-of-call surveys without the disadvantages.

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