The Customer Service Survey

The Customer Service Survey Maturity Model

by Peter Leppik on Wed, 2013-06-19 16:23

Based on our years of experience with different companies and helping them build effective customer feedback programs, we have developed the Customer Service Survey Maturity Model. Today we published a white paper outlining the model, as well as a simple online self-assessment tool which anyone can use to gain an understanding of where their customer feedback practices stand, using the principles of Agile Customer Feedback as a guide.

The maturity model and the self-assessment tool are a quick way to get a sense of what's possible and what changes to your customer survey process are likely to yield the most bang for your buck. The model evaluates the three functional areas of any customer service survey process: Data Collection, Reporting, and Process. In each area, the company's maturity is evaluated based on which practices the company uses.

Since Data Collection, Reporting, and Process all support each other, the most fertile ground for improvement is usually where the company is least mature.

We're hoping this is a useful tool for our clients and the community in general. I welcome any comments or feedback.

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