The Customer Service Survey

We're Watching You, Comcast!

by Peter Leppik on Wed, 2014-03-19 16:42

Comcast and Time Warner have launched a PR offensive to try to convice people that it's going to improve it's customer service in advance of their pending merger, as evidenced by a pair of puff-pieces in USA Today and Marketwatch today.

Comcast, of course, is the company which was far behind its peers for customer service in the recent National Customer Service Survey results. Time Warner did better than Comcast, but is still below most of the others.

Speaking as a Comcast customer myself, I truly hope the company is mending its ways in customer service. But I'm also very skeptical. It takes more than good intentions and noise from the executive suite to make this kind of change: it requires changing the way thousands of individual employees interact with customers on a daily basis, it requires fixing broken processes which prevent resolution of customer issues, and most of all it requires time and hard work.

Many customer service initiatives fail because, while the leadership is willing to talk a good game, they aren't willing to devote the effort and resources.

Fortunately, though, we won't have to take Comcast's word on whether their customer service is improving. We will see soon enough, through the ongoing customer feedback in the National Customer Service survey, whether they are actually making any improvements. I look forward to seeing the results over the coming months.

So Comcast, it's great that you're talking about improving service. But we're watching you.

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