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Warranty service on an Epson projector

by Peter Leppik on Thu, 2013-05-23 17:07

Over the weekend my home theater projector, an Epson 8350, died. It was about 18 months old, and didn't last nearly as long as I expected. But it was a good projector, so I wasn't too upset.

When I took the projector down, I noticed a sticker with a phone number for technical support. In this day and age, I've pretty much resigned myself to the fact that almost any electronic item more than a couple months old which breaks is probably just going to get thrown away and replaced.

But on a whim I called the support number on the projector. I reached a technician with flawless English (other than an odd habit of addressing me as Sir Peter) who asked a few troubleshooting questions and took my serial number.

Then to my astonishment he told me my projector is still under warranty, and he would FedEx a replacement unit. I could send the broken one back in the same shipping box, with shipping prepaid.

So today I have a new (refurbished) projector, and a new appreciation for Epson. Thank you for standing behind your products.

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