The Customer Service Survey

Vocalabs Newsletter 46 is out

by Peter Leppik on Tue, 2010-11-23 10:31

If you subscribe to our newsletter, Quality Times, you should have received issue 46 in your e-mail late last week.

In this issue we excerpt an article I wrote for Speech Strategy News about the three criteria for survey effectiveness: dependability, actionability, and credibility.  Bill Meisel has also graciously granted us permission to reprint the entire article in its entirety.

We use this framework of Dependability, Actionability, and Credibility to assess customer service surveys for overall effectiveness.  It reflects the fact that an effective survey needs to accomplish three things: deliver accurate data, point to specific changes for improvement, and persuade people (who may not be survey experts) that the survey data is right.

I hear a lot of complaints from companies about ineffective customer service surveys, and looking at the process from this perspective usually narrows down the problems in fairly short order.


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