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by Peter Leppik on Wed, 2013-05-15 15:31

In the Twin Cities, we finally just got to the end of a long, cold, drawn-out late winter/early spring. Two weeks ago, there was a foot of fresh snow on the ground just south of here.

Yesterday it topped 100 degrees in a few places.

Today (and the next several days) are supposed to be perfect: sunny, mid-70's, and low humidity. The kind of day that makes you wish the office building had a retractable roof.

Here's my Big Idea for the day. When the weather is really bad--around here that means well over a foot of snow--we get a "snow day." I'm told that in some other parts of the country they get "hurricane days," but we don't have those here. Having that impromptu vacation should be fun (just ask the kids), but the problem is that as adults we can't enjoy it.

So on the first really nice day of Spring here, we should cancel school and work. Everyone could go outside and enjoy the fresh air and sunshine, get a month's worth of vitamin D, and get that day off when you can really take advantage of it.

So whaddaya think?

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