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Simple Solutions

by Peter Leppik on Mon, 2008-03-24 01:00

There are some lessons which I need to learn over and over and over. The old engineering advice to KISS your problems ("Keep It Simple, Stupid") is one of them.
As a nerd and a geek, it's always tempting to reach for the technological fix for any problem. It always seems simplest to just propose something like, "You can just encapsulate the data in your XML file, and we'll process it and include it in our report. Of course, your telecom system will have to populate the field from an internal org chart....."

The problem, in this case, was how to include the name of an agent's supervisor in our database of scores from a Quality Assurance review. We already receive the call recording and the name of the agent from the client's telecom system, but the name of the supervisor isn't available in any system currently interfaced to the telecom system.

We started to research options, such as building a client-specific web interface for maintaining an organizational chart in our database, or auto-populating from a periodic batch dump, either of which would require several days (at a minimum) to develop and test, and some unknown amount of ongoing maintenance.

Then, "Hey, why not add one question to the QA review for the reviewer to enter the agent's supervisor? It's a small call center, they've only got a handful of supervisors, and the reviewer sits on the same floor as the agents--they've got better information about the org chart than anyone." A five minute change which, while not fully automated, will give exactly the results the client wants with almost zero headache.

KISS, indeed.

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