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New Professional Services

by Peter Leppik on Mon, 2007-05-07 01:00
We announced a suite of new professional services today. We've always provided survey design and consulting services to our clients who hire us to perform surveys, and now we'll be offering those same services to companies which already have a survey in place, or haven't decided to use VocaLabs' survey services.

Our professional services include:

Survey Design: create a custom survey questionnaire and consult about the appropriate survey process to meet the client's business goals.

Survey Review: provide recommendations about an existing survey to improve the quality of the data and better meet the client's needs.

Process Action Review: examine the business processes a client uses to turn survey data into improved customer service, and make recommendations for a more effective process.

Data Analysis: In-depth analysis of survey data to generate specific recommendations for improving customer service.

We've developed a lot of experience in the best ways to design and implement a survey to meet the unique needs of a call center or other customer service operation. In the past, though, we've only used this expertise to the benefit of companies which hired us to perform their surveys. Now we'll be able to provide any company, whether they use a VocaLabs survey or not, with the advantage of our unique knowledge.

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