The Customer Service Survey

Latest NCSS Data Published

by Peter Leppik on Mon, 2011-08-15 14:41

We just published a newsletter with the latest results from the National Customer Service Survey (NCSS). This month we released data for both the mobile phone industry and computer tech support.

The most interesting finding is the problems Apple has been experiencing with the automated part of its tech support calls. Historically Apple has scored very well across the board in the NCSS survey, but over the past year we have seen a lot more complaints about the steps customers have to go through before talking to a support technician. (The agents themselves, however, continue to draw very positive feedback from our survey sample).

In particular, customers are complaining about the automated system not being able to understand what they're saying--about 2/3 of the problem reports are this type of issue, which is unusual in the NCSS dataset.

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