The Customer Service Survey

Integrating Customer Interviews into Salesforce Workflows

by Peter Leppik on Wed, 2013-02-20 16:14

I'm pleased to announce the availability of Vocalabs' immediate live customer interviews integrated into workflows.

This means that any event in Salesforce can trigger an immediate call from one of Vocalabs' professional interviewers to get customer feedback. You can trigger a survey when a customer calls for service, when a trouble ticket is closed, after an installation is complete, whatever you want. The survey call can happen in as little as three to five minutes, or at a later time if that's more appropriate. You will get real-time data as interviews are completed, complete with interview recordings, alerts and notifications, and our unique interactive reporting tool.

Because this is Salesforce, setup is simple: just add an outbound notification to the Salesforce workflow. We will design an interview script tailored to your unique needs, and manage the survey process from start to finish.

This gives you the simplicity and immediacy of an e-mail or IVR survey, but with the depth and human touch only a live interview can deliver.

I'm very excited about this new service we're offering. Never before has it been so simple to collect such deep, immediate feedback, and deliver it to the places in your organization where it can have the most impact. I hope you agree. Please contact us at to talk about how we can get you started today. And I really mean today.

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