The Customer Service Survey

If I had a hammer....

by Peter Leppik on Thu, 2007-10-18 01:00

Lots of people get mad at the customer service they receive. Sometimes they even do something about it: write angry letters, yell at customer service agents, or post videos of them smashing the product on youTube.
Mona Shaw went one step further: she took her husband's hammer, drove to the local Comcast office, and started breaking stuff.

Her action was extreme, though neither the Washington Post, the author of, nor the judge seem to be tripping over themselves to condemn her actions (Mona was given a $345 fine, a suspended sentence, and a one-year restraining order prohibiting her from Comcast's office).

In this case, we know exactly what level of service drove Mona to take such direct action: Comcast had scheduled an installation of "triple play" service, but came two days late and left the job only half done. Two days after that, Comcast cut off all her service. So Mona drove to Comcast and asked to speak to a supervisor in person. Instead of promptly helping her, the Comcast employee told her to sit outside and wait. After two hours of sitting on a bench in the August heat, someone leans out the door and tells her the manager has left for the day.

The more interesting question is: how bad must Comcast's reputation be that the judge only told her "pay for some of the stuff you broke and don't do it again."?

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