The Customer Service Survey

Are You an Above-Average Driver?

by Peter Leppik on Wed, 2006-03-29 01:00

Are you an above-average driver?

Chances are you answered "yes."

In fact, about three-quarters of people claim that they are above-average drivers when surveyed. Obviously, it is highly unlikely that they're all correct in their self-assessment. Research has shown that people tend to overestimate their abilities in all kinds of matters, especially when there's no easy way to directly measure their skills. One person may think she is an "above average" driver because she always drives under the speed limit and follows all the rules of the road. Another person may consider himself "above average" because he took a special "performance driving" class and feels comfortable handling his car at 120 MPH. Each of these hypothetical drivers would probably consider the other a prime example of a "bad driver."

Now ask yourself if your company provides above average customer service.

Did you say "yes?" If so, you're in the majority.

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